Our Island

Prince of Wales Island is located in scenic Southeast Alaska.The island locals affectionately refer to it as “POW”.

POW is the third largest island in the US, covering 2,500 square miles – a bit larger than the state of Delaware.  Over 2000 miles of road connect the villages of the island and offer journeys and adventures off the beaten path!

Hunting & Fishing

Countless opportunities abound for the avid sportsman.  POW offers the finest in fresh & saltwater fishing.  At A Place to Stay you are only a ten minute walk from the pristine waters of the Klawock River.  During the springtime you can chase Steelhead and in the summer months the Coho Salmon abound.  Try your luck with either fly fishing or spin casting.  

Saltwater fishing is nothing short of world-class.  Huge Halibut ranging from 100-200 pounds lurk close to the surrounding shores and islands.  King Salmon fishing offers an unforgettable experience unattainable at any other spot.  If you are looking for a truly unique adventure, try for a giant Ling Cod or Yellow Eye.

The island offers hunting opportunities like no other.  Trophy black bear have been taken from this island in recent years.  Sitka black-tail deer are numerous and the venison is a real treat.  Once you have your catch, be sure to remember that freezer space is available back at your cabin.  Ask us for fish & wild game processing recommendations.

Contact us for hunting and fishing guide information.


Local tribes of Tlingit and Haida have lived here for many years.  The rich natural resources provided them a  great quality of life and still provide the same today.  Numerous totem parks and long-houses document the stories of past and present.  Master carvers can often be found carving in the long-houses.  Stop by and watch them in action!  Local dance troupes often perform during celebrations so be sure to ask us when and where the festivities occur.

Photography & Sightseeing

The island offers no shortage of wildlife, scenery and incredible weather.Whether you are traveling by boat, plane, car, or by foot be sure to pack your camera & binoculars along.  The climate can be a bit on the damp side, so we recommend bringing dry bags or sealed cases for your gear.


The island offers countless miles of beaches ready to be explored.  From starfish to sand dollars to sea urchins, you never know what you will find.  Keep a watchful eye while beach combing for whales, sea lions and other assorted wildlife that frequent the coastal waters.